SAIS Sponsors

The SAIS are supported by many agencies and organisations who provide help in many ways, equipment and clothing, the provision of facilities from where we carry out our operation, mountain access and with support from many individuals who recognise the service that we provide to the public. We are very grateful for all the help we are given and would like to thank all those who provide support and enable us to carry out our work for the avalanche service in a more effective way.

In the field we rely on good quality clothing and equipment to carry out our task and to remain safe. Therefore careful consideration is given to sponsors who provide us with our essential gear.

SAIS Sponsors

Equipment Providers

Mountain Equipment
We are pleased to continue our relationship with Mountain Equipment who provide us with well designed and functional equipment that works well in all the weather conditions experienced in a Scottish winter. This allows us to carry out our job with confidence, comfort and with protection from the elements.

Back Country Access/Mountain Sports
Back Country Access avalanche transceivers, shovels and avalanche probes are provided to the SAIS by UK distributors Mountain Sports. This equipment is used daily by the SAIS forecasting team when carrying out field observations and making hazard evaluations for public avalanche reports.

We are provided with media resources to enable us capture images and movie clips which are used to enhance condition reports and for other public information initiatives.

Sports Scotland
Met Office

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